get 4 capsule wardrobes
+ one style guide every month

Every week we have a new capsule release on the site. Each capsule is designed for a certain season, trend, mood, color theme and even profession. You can purchase one capsule or a pack of two or three capsules. Also you can buy a capsule as a gift.

After the purchase you'll have unlimited access to the capsule in your account on our website
We've made the capsule price as low as possible. Our capsules are not personalized, but the variety of capsules allows everyone to find something adapted to their needs and requirements. Here you'll find ready-made wardrobe concepts for the price of lunch at an inexpensive restaurant, but with benefits that will last for months.

Buying a capsule, you pay for the work of a stylist who compiled and thought it through to the smallest detail only partially. And you do save your time on painstaking thinking and searching for the appropriate clothes and combinations.

No need to buy every piece of the capsule, you can use it like a style guide to create

your wardrobe concept. Capsule items can be replaced with similar ones at your discretion. For example you can sew things from the capsule in the ateliere or buy an analogue in the other store that is more convenient for you.Or you can buy items using direct links that will be available in your personal account after purchasing the capsule.
Not knowing what colors and styles suit you, you doubt which capsule to choose / You have not found a capsule in the catalog that perfectly meets your needs and preferences. In this case you can order a personal capsule wardrobe.
The stylist will design it on your individual request taking into account particularities of your appearance, your way and rhythm of life, your activities and your budget.
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I've bought a capsule, but the items are sold out…
PUZZLE WARDROBE capsule first and foremost is a concept of wardrobe, ideas what and where to buy and how to match a few clothes and accessories to build different looks.
It's worth considering the release date of the capsule. If more than 2-3 weeks have passed since the release, many capsule items can be sold out.
But don't get upset:
1) 50-70% of each capsule are basics, so you can replace them with similar ones from your own wardrobe or from your favorite brand.
2) Generally we add several replacements to positions from the shopping list.
3) Composing our capsules we try to work with things that can be found in many mass market brands. So if something is sold out you can find an analogue in other stores by independently studying what we offer and how it can be combined.
4) You can sew an item or order it in the atelier in your size. Many of our clients do this.
If you'd like to get a private consultation on the purchased capsule about styles, colors, combinations use the "ASK OUR STYLIST" service.
I've bought a capsule, but the items are from the stores that are not presented in my region. How can I buy them?
Before buying, read information about a capsule and pay attention to the list of brands that it consists of. If the pieces are from European stores and you are in US than you can
contact intermediaries – different sites or services. Another way is to find similar items in stores of your region or sew things according to your parameters and needs in an atelier.

What if I don't like the selection of items and looks in the capsule?
PUZZLE WARDROBE first and foremost is the concept of assembling things. We assume that in any case you will be able to use our capsule as a fashion guide taking advantage of principles and combinations that are embedded in each capsule.
What should I do before buying?
Before buying, carefully study the preview of several pages of the capsule of your interest.
It will help you get an idea what it is about and how it goes with your style and needs. Unfortunately we are not responsible for personal reactions and individual tastes of our customers. But we are ready to improve our products and service, so your feedback is highly important to us. Share with us suggestions and any comments you have about Puzzle Wardrobe via email
I'm not sure that capsule items will suit me
The only way to find out is to try things by buying them online or in an offline store. If you want to adapt one of the capsules for yourself, you can use the "ASK OUR STYLIST" service to get advice based on your individual parameters.

How long will each capsule be available in my account?
At the moment we are working in beta mode, access is unlimited, but within a few months we will slightly change the rules for our new capsules.
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